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Open-Cell Insulation
At Rose Spray Farm, we can offer you the option of open-cell foam, or low-density polyurethane foam spray to insulate your home. This is a lightweight spray foam that only weighs one-half of a pound It is very soft and flexible, and along with its open-cell composition, it has the ability to assist with sound absorption. Open-cell spray foam insulation can also oblige the slow and steady buildup that may try to penetrate the insulation (creep), and it can adapt to the possible deformation that could occur within the foam by shifting in position (seasonal movement).

Closed-Cell Insulation
One advantage of choosing closed-cell spray foam insulation for your home is that it can be applied at low temperatures. Another advantage to choosing closed-cell spray foam insulation is that it has a higher structural racking strength than the open-cell insulation. This makes your home stronger and more durable than ever before with long-term sustainability. Closed-cell foam insulation has weather-resisting power to fight off floods and hail.

As soon as we spray the foam insulation in your home, it covers up cracks and crevices immediately. Our spray foam insulation not only strives to prevent air from freely flowing in and out of your home, but it also keeps smog, pollen, and other pollutants from seeping into your home. Our spray foam insulation creates a smooth and damp barricade that stops bacteria and mold from growing. Our foam insulation is environmentally safe as we only use materials that are clean and that do not deteriorate the ozone layer. It has the ability to block out noise. Foam insulation is strong and durable.

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