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Coastal Industries, LLC
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Actuators are essential components of a machine which is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or a system in a machine. It can also be referred as the “mover”. It is one of the most important parts in machinery as it controls an important movement. It requires a control signal and a source of energy to work. The source of energy can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Now that you know which part of your machinery is an actuator, do you believe you need one? Or do you need a repair with it?

This is where we, The Actuator Store, Coastal Industries, LLC., come into play. We are one of the best actuator suppliers you can find. Be it Bettis Actuators or Automax Actuators, we have a solution for it all. Whatever may be your demand – buy, sell, or rebuild – we can fulfil it easily. We have all the required parts like seal kits with us. Moreover, we carry an inventory of seal kits for all the obsolete pneumatic and hydraulic Bettis and Automax actuators. This will help you rebuild your old actuator. Now, repairing or rebuilding your old, obsolete actuator is not a big hassle. We have got the goods to deliver the best possible service for your actuator.

In case you are wondering, here are some reasons you should choose us for your actuator service:

• Experienced actuator professionals
• Large inventory of old and new parts
• We carry both high and low temperature seal kits
• Parts and kits available for both Bettis and Automax actuators

These are some reasons to choose us for your actuator needs. Try rebuilding an old or obsolete actuator without parts and kits; you will save some good money. You can also sell your old actuator to us or buy old ones from us. With Coastal Industries, all your actuator needs are fulfilled easily.

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