Consideration in any online listing and to maximize your benefit!

Consideration in any online listing and to maximize your benefit!

Clearly SEO is a consideration in any online listing and to maximise your benefit of membership, make sure you choose the most relevant categories, from those shown.  Also be sure to use the key word sets that are best related to your business products or services.  Your business listing may take up to 24 hours to show up in the search results.Once your Yellez listing is created, add your photos, by clicking on the ‘add-photo’ button.  Take your time to list all your additional business information, such as describing your services in detail, or your particular specialities.

You can now run regular and targeted marketing and promotional campaigns, messaging your customers directly from your account and putting discounts and seasonal special offers in front of them.   We also recommend that you create a working system, to track the sources of your business leads and use a dedicated phone number on your listing, to make this vital job easier.

Formulate and include a special offer, exclusively for your Yellez listing respondents, this will also show you the amount of business your listing is generating.  After all, a Yellez page isn’t so much about branding, it’s about consistent and sustainable lead generation and enjoying the subsequent sales increases.  Post an attractive, captivating advert with your best, most relevant graphics, as most people spend almost 70% of their initial viewing time looking at your pictures, than they do reading the associated text.  Create an eye-catching special-landing page on your website, solely for your Yellez advertand reap the rewards of continuity in image and a joined-up online business strategy.  Take time to review your competitors’ listings and adverts, to get a feel of what are they doing to stand out and then do it better!

There is no best time and date to list your business with Yellez, as the best time is always – NOW!

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